Football camps and combines eite offensive line and defensive line camp Session I the run game will get you ready to be the best you can be at your position.  Our lineman football camp focuses on a precise set of drills and skills to make you ready and prepared for any challenge.  Choose our lineman football camps,  your date and get ready to be the best you can be. Sessions are limited to 20 participants.


Camp 1  March 22nd, 29th, April 5th

Camp 2 June 6th, 13th, 20th


Grades 5-8 – 8:30 AM – 10:30 AM                                                                                           Grades 9-12 – 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM



  • 3 Two hour sessions of instruction in a state of the art indoor facility.

  • Film breakdown  in our video analysis room with the athletes of the drills in the session.


Individual Offensive skills will focus on:


  • Run game stance

  • Steps, balance & footwork

  • Maintaining a proper base

  • Explosion to contact – punch

  • Hand and elbow placement

  • Aiming points, eye contact, and landmarks

  • How to maintain and sustain a block

  • How to finish a block

  • Blocking in space – closing the distance effectively

  • Skip pull & trap pull

  • Gap scheme blocking techniques

  • Zone scheme blocking techniques

  • (Outside & Inside Zone)


Individual Defensive skills will focus on:


  • Run game stance

  • Takeoff, balance & footwork

  • Aiming points, eye contact, and landmarks

  • Reestablishing the line of scrimmage at the offensive lineman’s heels

  • Recognizing and reacting to blocks

  • How to get full extension on a blocker and neutralize him

  • Shedding and pursuit

  • Hand skills

  • How to play shades, gaps, wide alignments, and head up

  • Defeating a zone combination and double team block

  • Seal and wrong shoulder technique versus trap

  • Backside gap responsibility, pursuit, and bootleg or reverse


  • Choose Your Camp Date $249


    • March 22nd, 29th, April 5th

    • June 6th, 13th, 20th