Football camps and combines eite linebacker camp will get you ready to be the best you can be at your position.  Our two hour camp focuses on a precise set of drills and skills to make you ready and prepared for any challenge.  Choose your date and get ready to be the best you can be. Sessions are limited to 20 participants.


 Run Game


  • Stance

  • Footwork

  • Vision (Reads/ Keys)

  • Block Recognition

  • Running Back Flow (Cylinder, Press, Fast, Counter, Draw)

  • Taking Proper Pursuit Angles and Playing with Correct Leverage

  • Defeating Blocks (proper footwork, hand placement, and block escape techniques)

  • Understanding the correct way to play “force” technique vs. “spill or wrong arm” technique

  • Tackling


Pass Game


  • Man-to-Man and Zone Pass Techniques

  • Screens/Draws

  • Zone:

    • Reads

    • Drops

    • Delivery/Directional Keys

    • Breaking on the Football

    • Ball Skills

    • Man-to-Man:

      • Proper Leverage (inside vs. outside)

      • Footwork (back pedal)

      • Vision

      • In-Phase vs. Out- of -Phase

      • Playing the Ball/Securing the Tackle

      • Blitz Technique


Training Schedule:


3:30 pm Orientation/warmup

5:30 pm Athlete Pickup


  • Choose Your Camp Date $99

    • December 10th, Linebacker Camp at Elite Gamespeed

    • January 13th Linebacker Camp at Elite Gamespeed

    • February 10th,  Linebacker Camp at Elite Gamespeed

    • March 10th,  Linebacker Camp at Elite Gamespeed

    • April 14th,  Linebacker Camp at Elite Gamespeed

    • May 12th,  Linebacker Camp at Elite Gamespeed

    • June 9th,   Linebacker Camp at Elite Gamespeed