Football camps and combines defensive line camps will get you ready to be the best you can be at your position.  Our 2 hour camp focuses on a precise set of drills and skills to make you ready and prepared for any challenge.  Choose your date and get ready to be the best you can be. Sessions are limited to 20 participants.


  • 30 minutes in our video analysis room reviewing breakdown of the athletes from the drills to point out positives and negatives and reinforce the learning aspect of the drills.

  • A printed handout with explanations of the techniques, drills and information covered provided to each athlete.


Individual Defensive skills will focus on:  



  • Proper defensive line stance

  • Takeoff, balance & footwork

  • Aiming points, eye contact, and landmarks

  • Recognizing, reading, and reacting to blocks through the use of visual keys and pressure keys

  • Defeating a double team block

  • How to get full extension on a blocker and neutralize him

  • How to free yourself from a blocker




  • Pass rush stance variations

  • Aiming points, eye contact, and landmarks

  • Recognizing and reacting to pass sets

  • Recognizing Draw and Screen and how to react and shut these down

  • Hand control of pass blocker

  • Understanding levels and how to attack from your level

  • Pass rush techniques including arm elevations, rip, arm-over


Training Schedule:

3:30pm Orientation/warmup

5:30pm Athlete Pickup



  • Choose Your Camp Date $99*

    • December  3rd  DL Camp at Elite Gamespeed

    • January 6th  DL Camp at Elite Gamespeed

    • February 3rd DL Camp at Elite Gamespeed

    • March 3rd DL Camp at Elite Gamespeed

    • April 7th DL Camp at Elite Gamespeed

    • May 5th DL Camp at Elite Gamespeed

    • June 2nd DL Camp at Elite Gamespeed