Get a leg up on your competition and utilize your time off from school to develop and advance your skill sets. Keep the momentum going from the ending season and utilize that drive to ignite your passion. Our holiday football camp is designed to improve your position-specific skills and enhance your position-specific knowledge. Our distinguished performance specialists and  staff focus on teaching tactical techniques, instilling passion, and creating physical and mental endurance. The Elite Gamespeed Holiday Camp is available to all positions form grades 7  and up and is sponsored by scout.com. Space is limited.  Register NOW!!!!


$199  ($225 at the event)

December 28th, 29th, 30th 


Located at the Elite Gamespeed Performance Training Facility

The Elite Gamespeed Performance Camp will:

-Develop Strength
-Enhance both Linear and Multi-Directional Speed
-Improve Acceleration
-Improve Flexibility
-Prevent injury


Each Training day will include 2 workouts, which will cater to speed, agility, and quickness in the morning and lower and upper body strength development in the afternoon. Itinerary and times can change depending on participation.


9:00am Orientation
9:30am Dynamic Warmup
10:00am Speed, Agility. Quickness Drills
11:30am Lunch(Bring your own)
12:30 Strength
2:00pm Athlete Pickup